Bilingualism and Language Delay

  At our practice we get many questions on bilingualism in the home. In our South African context children are growing up exposed to many different languages. The big question that gets asked is: Did this cause my child’s language delay? The clinical question is then translated to “How do I best advise this family … Continue reading Bilingualism and Language Delay


Community Service at Edendale Hospital KZN

  I recently met up with Monique Godfrey. She is currently placed at Edendale Hospital in KZN and this is what she had to say about it: Where are you currently based? I am currently based at Edendale Hospital in Pietermaritzburg KZN. Where did you graduate from? I graduated from the University of Cape Town. … Continue reading Community Service at Edendale Hospital KZN

Neuropsychology Intervention Following a Stroke

At our June Stroke Support Group we were joined by the lovely Michelle Jackson, a neuropsychologist. She led a discussion around her role in stroke rehabilitation. This is what she had to share: "Neuropsychological rehabilitation is the ongoing treatment of those who have suffered a stroke, or any kind of neurological injury to the brain. … Continue reading Neuropsychology Intervention Following a Stroke