Assistive Devices for Stroke (and other disabilities)

At Stroke Support Group in October we were joined by the lovely Jo Kidd, an OT from the Village Work Centre in Claremont. This is a project of The Western Cape Cerebral Palsy Association. They do great work for adults with Cerebral Palsy. They provide a safe space with meaningful work. Jo shared with us … Continue reading Assistive Devices for Stroke (and other disabilities)


Jenny’s Story

Jenny experienced a stroke in 2014. She and her husband Tom attended our stroke support group for a period following her stroke.  Tom and Jenny have been through many ups and downs but have always had something positive to say after every trial. I asked Tom to share a bit about their story: “My wife … Continue reading Jenny’s Story

Neuropsychology Intervention Following a Stroke

At our June Stroke Support Group we were joined by the lovely Michelle Jackson, a neuropsychologist. She led a discussion around her role in stroke rehabilitation. This is what she had to share: "Neuropsychological rehabilitation is the ongoing treatment of those who have suffered a stroke, or any kind of neurological injury to the brain. … Continue reading Neuropsychology Intervention Following a Stroke