Bilingualism and Language Delay

  At our practice we get many questions on bilingualism in the home. In our South African context children are growing up exposed to many different languages. The big question that gets asked is: Did this cause my child’s language delay? The clinical question is then translated to “How do I best advise this family … Continue reading Bilingualism and Language Delay



    Autism Spectrum Disorder, also referred to simply as “autism”, is a pervasive neurodevelopmental disorder. This means it is a disorder that affects brain development. Early signs of autism are typically present before the age of 3. A definitive cause of autism remains unknown, however there is ongoing research to attempt to establish causal … Continue reading WHAT IS AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER?

Hands On! Using sign language with babies and toddlers

Think of movies like “look who’s talking” and “daddy day care” where little tykes are given the ability to communicate as adults. It makes for great entertainment, and while it gives babies and toddlers way too much credit, it also makes one think about what baby would say if he could communicate.  Well he can communicate … Continue reading Hands On! Using sign language with babies and toddlers