Podcasts I’m listening to…

Back when I was commuting the long commute along the N2 into work everyday I discovered podcasts. Since then I have explored and downloaded many different kinds for many different reasons. I find it quite satisfying to be able to learn on-the-go and since I am on-the-go quite a lot (as many travelling therapists are) I like to think my time in the car isn’t a waste. Here are my top three Speech Therapy podcast picks:

Teach Me To Talk with Laura Mize:

This was my first… I discovered Laura when there were very few speech therapy podcasts to listen to. Her lovely Southern accent simplifies and illustrates the ins-and-outs of early childhood intervention beautifully. This was an area I really felt a need to learn and grow in as I had not had too much direct teaching here and even clinical experience seemed sparse. The OCD side of me started right from podcast #1 and I worked my way up until I had caught up to current podcasts. The ideas and principles are foundational to any treatment plan with little ones and the topics she tackles are ones that most therapists in this setting tackle daily. She just adds her 20+ years experience to these issues. Laura also has plenty of other resources to help you with your assessment and therapy goals. Her podcast summaries are also super helpful. You can find her here.

The Speech Space Podcast by Jessica Cassity:

So apparently her blog has been around since 2012 but I had yet to stumble upon it until I discovered her podcast. When you discover her podcast you also discover a wonderful host of resources on her page. What I enjoy most about this podcast is that it is bite sized. I actually use this one most often when I am getting ready in the mornings. The podcasts vary in length but are mostly under the 15 minute mark. Great for during a lunch break. These little thought nuggets are really nice to get you thinking about various topics. The one that hooked me first was Jessica’s podcast on using mindfulness in speech therapy. This is something I have really been thinking a lot about and would love to start exploring more. You can check her out here.

Swallow Your Pride with Theresa Richard:

This is part of the Speech Science family and a much needed resource in the speech therapy community. It’s all about taking an evidence-based look at the latest in dysphagia. Literally anything to do with dysphagia. I enjoy Theresa’s down to earth yet no nonsense approach which is exactly the way one should approach the topic. She often chats to other therapists in the field who are experts in what they do and more importantly passionate about what they do. It’s a tough part of our field and I think very few therapists here in South Africa feel truly competent in this area. I am lucky enough to be working with this population on a daily basis and have found this information really helpful. It is meatier than the other two so takes a bit more intense listening. Not for an ‘on-the-way-home’ listen, because if you are like me, by the end of the day your brain is fried and the chances of taking in the information are pretty close to 0%. This is a full English breakfast kind of podcast and can be found here.



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