Assistive Devices for Stroke (and other disabilities)

At Stroke Support Group in October we were joined by the lovely Jo Kidd, an OT from the Village Work Centre in Claremont. This is a project of The Western Cape Cerebral Palsy Association. They do great work for adults with Cerebral Palsy. They provide a safe space with meaningful work. Jo shared with us some of the products they create. These are mostly adapted assisstive devices for those living with disability. They are simple solutions to everyday tasks that an able-bodied person would take for granted. If you are looking for a solution for a loved one, yourself or for a patient then please check in with Jo and her team as they may have what you are looking for or they may be able to make something up for you if they don’t.

Some of the items she showed us included a tap-turner; a card-holder; a cutting board; a wheelchair table; a transfer board; a long-handled sponge and cutlery grips. All can promote independence for those that have lost some of that and their prices are incredibly reasonable!

For information go to

or pop me an email: and I will put you in contact with Jo and the Work Centre.



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