Jenny’s Story

Jenny experienced a stroke in 2014. She and her husband Tom attended our stroke support group for a period following her stroke.  Tom and Jenny have been through many ups and downs but have always had something positive to say after every trial. I asked Tom to share a bit about their story:

“My wife attended South Peninsula Stroke Rehab. She was under the care of Laurie (Physio) and Stephanie (Speech Therapy). Whilst there we saw the notice for the Stroke Support Group at Constantiaberg Hospital.

We attended not knowing what to expect. We were surprised at the number of attendees all at varying degrees of recovery. We were made welcome by Stephanie and the group.

My wife’s injury is like nothing to be found in the group. It was not a clot but a rupture, an Intracranial Aneurysm, ( We attended the group in the hope of discovering more about her injury, and although there were hints at what had happened and some understanding, unfortunately not much was forthcoming. Jenny has a right hemisphere injury so shows signs on her left side. Nerve damage has left her sight affected on the left side. She has poor or no left peripheral vision and her normal sight is reduced to about 35%. Life is cruel.

Where the group has been of tremendous help is in character building and reassurance. Everyone helps everyone. We laugh, joke, watch videos, have quizzes, drink coffee and tea, have pamper sessions and reassure each other all the time. We often had to describe our week or how we’d overcome an obstacle. Often when we had guest speakers we would have to describe our injuries or stage of recovery. As the embarrassment reduced and the confidence grew so did the way we reacted to the speaker. The sessions became fun.

Because of Jenny’s growing confidence she decided to become a volunteer at the Constantiaberg volunteer program. She would assist the volunteers in massaging the eligible patients hands or feet for 2 hours per week. Working with a supervisor Jenny continued to make good progress towards her recovery.

It is with much regret that we will be leaving the group due to our move to the UK.”

Tom and Jenny have since relocated to the Isle of Wight where they continue to receive support from the Stroke Rehabilitation community.  Their friend Mary from the support group over there shared

some helpful links with me. The Stroke Association in the UK and the World Stroke Organisation have lots of helpful information and resources. If you are looking for some specific information please feel free to contact me. Here are the links:








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